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Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Labour MP for Leeds West. Author: Women of Westminster (2019) T: 0113 255 2311 E:

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RT @LukePollard: At the Trade Bill tonight, I'll be voting for Parliament to have proper scrutiny over our future trade deals. We need to make sure that British farmers aren't undercut by cheap imports from abroad, putting rural jobs at serious risk

RT @meandmybigmouth: I want to tell you about a remarkable woman that you almost certainly haven't heard of. Her name is Florence Ilott and, in 1934, she became the first person to run across Westminster Bridge within the twelve chimes of Big Ben at noon.

RT @AnnelieseDodds: Today we needed a Back to Work Budget focused on jobs, jobs and jobs again. What we got was often a one-size-fits-all approach that failed to target support where it's needed most. While some parts were welcome, we need a much more targeted action to save jobs. #SummerStatement

RT @LeedsCityRegion: Applications now open! Grants of up to £2000 now available for businesses in #Bradford #Calderdale #Kirklees #Leeds #Wakefield #York recruiting your first #apprentice. Apply online today:…

RT @bryonyvk: Another packed Northern Rail service home on Election Day. It’s not getting any better under the current government... My MP in Pudsey quiet on this but at least @RachelReevesMP campaigning

RT @thom_brooks: RT @thom_brooks: Great panel & discussion with @RachelReevesMP @sundersays @Tim_Roache and @soniasodha for @policynetwork on immigration po…

RT @thom_brooks: RT @thom_brooks: @RachelReevesMP The night is thankfully starting off well! #LabourWin

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: While the UK economy contracted last quarter, the US, which is going slower on deficit reduction, grew by 0.7%

RT @wdjstraw: RT @wdjstraw: Learning from Lamont. How another Tory Chancellor understood that deficit reduction shld follow, not precede, recovery: ht ...

RT @MSE_Forum: Have you had bailiffs round? @stepchange debt charity wants you to share your story #takecontrol #bailiffreform