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RT @SarahChampionMP: Huge thanks to @carolynharris24 & @JoTrust for joining me to speak on all things #Menopause & cervical cancer. We need to remove the stigma, give better training to medics & share the knowledge.

RT @carolynharris24: 📺WATCH: Now the formalities are out of the way, we have a date for the Second Reading of our #Menopause Support and Services Bill! I want to thank everyone who is supporting this Bill & the creation of the new All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Menopause. #menopauserevolution

Peter Dowd (Labour) tweeted :

The truth is our social care and unpaid care sector is at breaking point - £8bn+ taken from council budgets for care since 2010, resulting in 1million not getting the care they need and 87 people dying a day waiting for care. Shame @BorisJohnson for failing to address it!

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @ASDABootle :

RT @ASDABootle: What an amazing site the wildflower meadow is on Marsh Lane thank you to @allsaintsbootle for all their hard work sowing the field 🥰 Today was about wildflower identification and mini beasts 🥰 @asdaprteam @scouseflowers @MetroMayorSteve @Regenerus @TakingRoot3

Peter Dowd (Labour) tweeted :

Crossrail 1 (London) has cost £19 billion ie £260m per mile with 13 miles of tunnels. Crossrail 2 will get another £41 billion - 20 trains an hr! Meanwhile the Tories want bulldoze a road through Rimrose Valley. Why can’t we have a rail solution at a fraction of the cost?

RT @OwenSmith_MP: RT @OwenSmith_MP: IDS resigning is a humiliating blow for a Tory Government that's in disarray over their unfair Budget. My reaction: https…

RT @OwenSmith_MP: RT @OwenSmith_MP: Absolutely delighted that @AngelaRayner is joining our @LabourDWP Team. She will be brilliant and we can't wait to start …

Peter Dowd (Labour) tweeted :

It’s the shocking and typically sneaky that the EU is abiding by the deal @BorisJohnson negotiated.

RT @SbarberNWBH: Proof that mental illness never discriminates. One of the world's best players opens up. @stateofmindsprt is there for those that need it.…

RT @SbarberNWBH: Today is #worldsuicidepreventionday2019 we can all play our part. Take the training from @Zer0Suicide. If you work @NWBoroughsNHS do the core training package on-line today. Check out the messages from @stateofmindsprt Check on your mates, be there for them and make a difference.