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RT @angelaeagle: RT @angelaeagle: Proud of my fantastic sister @meaglemp for continuing to pursue this

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @VCSefton :

RT @VCSefton: This morning we joined @HS_Merseyside in recognising the great work of @formby_cfc volunteers! #mysefton #volunteering @seftoncvs @seftoncouncil

Peter Dowd (Labour) tweeted :

I was delighted to be at the rally attended by thousands to stop the road being built through Rimrose Valley. There are alternatives on the table to satisfy different communities but the Government and @NationalHways won’t listen.

RT @tarajaneoreilly: The idea that you can overcome adversity with ambition is a lie regularly peddled by the Tories that serves to keep the working class in their place. Ambition isn’t enough to overcome structural barriers. @JadeFrancesAzim and I for @timesredbox:…

RT @GarethThomasMP: Why is the favourite to become the next Chair of @Yorkshire_BS playing such a key role in the demutualisation of @LV & what does it mean for Yorkshire’s long-term future? My letter to Alison Hutchinson (Vice Chair of YBS).…

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @5_News :

RT @5_News: Despite having no gardens, a group of community gardeners in Liverpool is managing to grow their own fruit and vegetables. They say it's proof we can all do our bit to help the planet. @Regenerus | @TakingRoot3 | @LpoolCityRegion | @peterofthelane #5News

RT @TakingRoot3: Its Judging today! Give us a wave. Say hi. We’ll be out doing last minute tidying on the #bootleinbloom route. It would help so much if you could tidy + litter pick our beautiful little corner of #Bootle before judging. Let's win this award together! #CommunityIsEverything

RT @SarahChampionMP: Huge thanks to @carolynharris24 & @JoTrust for joining me to speak on all things #Menopause & cervical cancer. We need to remove the stigma, give better training to medics & share the knowledge.

RT @carolynharris24: 📺WATCH: Now the formalities are out of the way, we have a date for the Second Reading of our #Menopause Support and Services Bill! I want to thank everyone who is supporting this Bill & the creation of the new All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Menopause. #menopauserevolution

Peter Dowd (Labour) tweeted :

The truth is our social care and unpaid care sector is at breaking point - £8bn+ taken from council budgets for care since 2010, resulting in 1million not getting the care they need and 87 people dying a day waiting for care. Shame @BorisJohnson for failing to address it!