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Proud to be the MP for Scunthorpe and the surrounding towns and villages since 2010. Fighting to #StandUpForSteel

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RT @ShiresCrashing: RT @ShiresCrashing: @NicDakinMP @MaggieMac42 They're doing a good job and blowing the housing bubble though. Who benefits from this ? https…

Nic Dakin (Labour) tweeted :


Nic Dakin (Labour) tweeted :


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RT @John_Park: The only way this can be justified is if self-employed workers are given better support when it comes to issues such as maternity pay…

RT @rossthetechie: RT @rossthetechie: We are live now with Paul from @NorthLindsey talking about technology and teaching!…

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RT @NicDakin55: RT @NicDakin55: Donald Trump wins US Masters FACT!

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RT @NicDakin55: Worth remembering who was in the Party Leadership and Shadow Cabinet when the decision was made to support a Kamikaze General Election last year putting an unsatisfactory Brexit policy to the British Public against the strongly held views of Labour MPs. #Bonkers

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RT @NicDakin55: RT @NicDakin55: ‘Controlling our own fish’. Fantastic! Didn’t realise fish were so controllable

RT @SamMorgan1012: A very positive review from the @TalkRugbyUnion lads, for @ScunthorpeRUFC, after being unfairly written off all year the lads did the job, National 2 is very tough but hopefully we can maintain it this time round #punchingup…

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RT @NicDakin55: RT @NicDakin55: Where is Prime Minister Johnson? Asking for a country..........