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Independent Adviser to UK Government on Antisemitism. Still not scared to say how it is. Contact via

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RT @LordJohnMann: On this day, one month earlier in 1979 Trooper Anthony Dykes was shot in the back by the IRA, leaving a wife, two children, parents and grieving mining community in Bassetlaw. We remember our unsung working- class hero who served his country and community.

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

The Mail on Sunday apologises for a sub- editing mix up. This headline should read : Sir Keir Starmer’s secret mission to save abandoned donkeys

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @afneil :

RT @afneil: You win this week’s prize for the tweet most filled with stupidities. Congratulations. The competition is tough but you are well placed to win Stupid Tweet of the Month. Impressive. The prize is a year’s subscription to The Canary.

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @NickCohen4 :

RT @NickCohen4: The Twitter pile on is the only enduring legacy of the Corbynite movement. Not a social change, or a relief of suffering or a step towards a fairer society. Just raving abuse of randomly selected targets.

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @MetroUK :

RT @MetroUK: RT @MetroUK: Just a reminder that on May 5 Virgin Atlantic made 3,150 workers redundant to cope with the coronavirus crisis...…

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @willtravers :

RT @willtravers: Beyond sad. This will only end when our elected representatives call ‘time’ on #trophyhunting and invest in #nature instead. W

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

Stitch up of selections? That’s momentum and Jon Lansman, disastrously in Bassetlaw. Surely not Lansman texting you this?

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @Tim_Roache :

RT @Tim_Roache: An honour to meet Jake and Aaron our Appledore shipyard reps together with @WSWGMB Reg Sec John Phillips to hear how they are battling to save the yard. I promise you every resource.⁦@GMB_union⁩ has will be used to support you and our highly skilled members in that fight.

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @Tim_Roache :

RT @Tim_Roache: RT @Tim_Roache: Agree. Time for him to go.…

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @Tim_Roache :

RT @Tim_Roache: So proud of the .@GMB_union team that have worked tirelessly to get Amazon to pay a decent wage to their brilliant workers. If you work at #Amazon and haven’t done so already, please join GMB, there’s so much more that we will achieve TOGETHER.…