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Independent Adviser to UK Government on Antisemitism. Still not scared to say how it is. Contact via

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John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

The aim is to repeat a lie so often that it becomes an accepted ‘truth’. There are no examples of free speech or academic research being restricted, hence why they cite none.

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @QariAsim :

RT @QariAsim: Utterly grotesque. Forced sterilisation, abortion and persecution of #Uyghurs shamelessly described as emancipation. Disgusting propaganda #Fakenews #Uighurs

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @daverich1 :

RT @daverich1: RT @daverich1: This applies just as much to UK regulation of the internet. It's time to act.

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @Mr_Tasker :

RT @Mr_Tasker: Every person getting vaccinated at Elland Road should have to walk out of the tunnel, kitted up, with Strings for Yasmin playing, wave to the Kop, get the jab on the centre spot and take a penalty in front of the South Stand, with OAP-1 Covid-0 on the scoreboard. Make a do of it.

RT @KarlTurnerMP: RT @KarlTurnerMP: Welcome news on vaccine transport - Karl Turner MP…

RT @labour_history: #OTD 1946. "Here He Comes Boys!" Ahead of Nye Bevan’s 'crunch meeting' with the British Medical Association - on the formation of the health service - the Daily Mail claim that ‘50,000 doctors say the NHS plan won’t work’.

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

The first union leader to challenge the principle of universal healthcare for all regardless of wealth since Nye Bevin battled the BMA to create the NHS?

RT @BootstrapCook: Hi all. I’ve been sent LOTS of photos of the food parcels that have replaced the £30 vouchers and asked what I would do with them. I’m replying with advice privately because to do so publicly would look like justifying these ill thought through, offensively meagre scraps /1.

RT @adamlangleben: I hadn't even counted @jrschlosberg's attempt to sue the EHRC as there are no public £ figures. Probably best as he today informed supporters that its a busted flush. Probably should have checked this before asking for money! If you want your money back contact Justin!

RT @Simon__Greaves: Absolutely superb that #Bassetlaw has 3 community & primary care led #Covid #Vaccination services in the district.. 👇👇 Larwood & Bawtry Newgate Medical Group Retford & Villages Every council building & car park has been offered to help get #Bassetlaw #Vaccinated #COVID19