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Labour MP for Nottingham South and Chair of @CommonsTrans - amongst other things

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RT @jamesgleave1: Today in Copenhagen got me thinking about this picture (h/t @StreetsblogUSA). Many of my sustainable transport advocates show this as a way of highlighting buses and trains can be better integrated. Done very well in Copenhagen.

RT @VoteLeaveWatch: FACT CHECK: Theresa May claims you can't be a member of the Single Market & outside the European Union. Well three countries already are...

RT @VoteLeaveWatch: Once again on Brexit, it appears that the government's left arm doesn't know what its right arm is doing. #LeaveWatch

RT @BlfDan: “It narrows our transport options and pushes us towards less environmentally friendly choices. And yet our inquiry found no real evidence the government was determined to take action to stop this,” says MP @LilianGreenwood on govt bus strategy.

RT @rb66rob: @nadiawhittome @LilianGreenwood @LabourNotts @JCollierUK @UoN_Labour @EastMidsLabour @TomInNottingham @JackLDB I've yet to see any one from.sny other party round clifton except for lillian and her team so that tells you something

RT @rb66rob: RT @rb66rob: @LilianGreenwood comments just in general you always been straight with me wasn't aimed at you appreciate your honesty

RT @rb66rob: RT @rb66rob: @LilianGreenwood thanx for all your help best of luck for tonite

RT @DeborahJaneOrr: Another Preston story, from about 1991. I’d not been editor for the Weekend mag for long. PP called me down to his office. (Big thing.) Peter: I’m wracked with guilt. The man who edits the Observer magazine is paid £5k more than you. I have to give you a £5k raise. Me: “Okay.”

RT @jamieacater: RT @jamieacater: Just got back from a brilliant day in Parliament with @LilianGreenwood! @ParliaMentors

RT @CerianJenkins: @LilianGreenwood I compiled a thread on what the £1bn could have bought instead (inc pensions, child care, health, education etc).…