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Member of Parliament for Birmingham Hodge Hill

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RT @tarajaneoreilly: Exciting morning at the UK-China Young Leaders Roundtable with @GwynneMP, @DanCardenMP, @PaulJSweeney, @BimAfolami, @LiamByrneMP, @AlanMakMP & our Chinese counterparts. Thanks to the Great Britain-China Centre & Prudential 👏

RT @tarajaneoreilly: How do we put ‘purpose for the common good’ into capitalism? Will AI help or hinder bringing about economic justice? Sign up for @TribuneMPs events at Conference with @williamnhutton, @J_Bloodworth, @YvetteCooperMP, @faizashaheen, @eddieizzard & more:

RT @liambyrnemp: It's time to rebuild our movement from the grassroots up! And that starts by turning the #WMids red. With the best of our ideals. The proudest of our traditions. And a plan we can deliver. Radical. Credible. Popular. #LetsStartNow With us? Let us know!

Liam Byrne (Labour) tweeted :

We've been bringing residents and police together to pinpoint people's worries and how to tackle them.

Liam Byrne (Labour) retweeted @IWestmids :

RT @IWestmids: Good talking to my local MP @liambyrnemp at his advice surgery in my role a volunteer for @oxfamgb constituency campaigner - we spoke about inclusive growth APPG, inequality & unpaid care - check out Oxfam’s time to care report… #makecarecount

Liam Byrne (Labour) tweeted :

So proud to have the support of Antony Tucker in the race to be Labour's candidate for West Midlands Mayor.

RT @liambyrnemp: Thank you so much to all the volunteers who helped me call Labour Party members yesterday at our phonebanks across the region. Thanks to you we called over ONE THOUSAND members in one day. Together, we can rebuild the West Midlands. #LetsStartNow 🌹

RT @liambyrnemp: Our plan for #RadicalCompassion is written by members in 100+ meetings, 10 trade unions & affiliates & @UKLabour Shadow Chancellor @johnmcdonnellMP Three big ideas: ✅ end moral emergency of homelessness ✅ lead the #ZeroCarbonRevolution ✅ Rebuild unity in our communities

RT @AntforLabour: Today I signed @Remain_Labour’s pledge to trust the people with the final say on Brexit. If you’re serious about stopping No Deal, then @LibDems and @TheGreenParty: stand down. Splitting the vote will help the Tories win, and make No Deal more likely.

Liam Byrne (Labour) retweeted @emma_toal :

RT @emma_toal: RT @emma_toal: At @HarlowCouncil full council just held a moments silence for Dermot Byrne, former General Manager, who sadly passed away @…