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Labour MP for Worsley & Eccles South, Shadow Mental Health & Social Care Minister.

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RT @SalfordChampion: Tesco Salford will be introducing social distancing methods from tomorrow. Please respect these as much as possible including where to stand in the shop and how many people are allowed in at once. We still have restrictions on products too.

RT @globalhlthtwit: I’m hearing from a well-connected person that government now thinks, in absence of testing, there are 38,000 infections per day. Chris Whitty is advising PM for a two week national lockdown.

RT @mrjamesob: The lack of Covid tests, more than six months after the crisis started, should be a resignation issue. It is an epic & unprecedented failure of political leadership. The rest is noise.

RT @GranadaReports: 34% of people in the North West feel there would have been fewer deaths if the pandemic response had been handled regionally.…

RT @ClarePo87388504: Yo, Boris! Home carers receive £5,496 per YEAR. Would you say that's an example of "absolute" or "relative" poverty? That's for 35+ hours of care, plus being on call 24/7 @BorisJohnson

RT @KayBurley: “Tony Abbott is a homophobe and a misogynist” Health Sec @MattHancock: “He’s also an expert on trade” #KayBurley JM

RT @Jacqui_Smith1: Dear BBC. I don’t pay my licence fee for you to wimp out on your duty to inform because a wholly legal option is a bit ‘contentious’! Get some backbone and stop shortchanging your women licence fee payers! Love Jacqui…

@1985Deanne @RishiSunak Hi Deanne Happy to raise for you - can you send me an email via my website and we can pick it up from there

Barbara Keeley (Labour) retweeted @jreyn :

RT @jreyn: RT @jreyn: Your #Lancashire budget has been slashed by £685m by the #Tories Vote to #KeepLancsRed this May #VoteJohnReynolds…

RT @Lin_WASPI_Co: RT @Lin_WASPI_Co: 3 Official WASPI Co-founders at Womens Labour Conf. See our #WASPIVoice FB page.…