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Labour & Co-operative MP for Oldham West & Royton🦉 | Chair, Co-op Party 🐝 | Shadow Transport Secretary | @usdaw @gmb | @uklabour 🌹@coopparty 💜 | #loveoldham

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RT @JimfromOldham: Exactly as we saw last year, with the explanation that contracts had been given to suppliers and wholesalers with stock to shift We were promised this scandal wouldn’t happen again, lessons would be learnt and just a rush response in hard times Government must explain ⤵️

RT @JimfromOldham: This is such an important cultural asset, especially for working people where too often our history isn’t told as we experience it, our value not celebrated @PHMMcr

Jim McMahon MP (Labour) tweeted :

Defeat the virus Let’s vaccine Britain ◽ #LetsVaccinateBritain

Jim McMahon MP (Labour) tweeted :

A Greater Manchester victim complaints line has been established for people who do not feel their crime report has been dealt with properly, following reports that crimes went unrecorded. Read more here;…

RT @susanelanjones: Sixth formers from Clwyd South convinced me of this in 2010. I’ll definitely be in Parliament to support @JimfromOldham ‘s Votes at 16 Bill…

RT @susanelanjones: RT @susanelanjones: Byddaf yn San Steffan yfory i gefnogi/I’ll be in Parliament tomorrow to support #VotesAt16 & #senislaw (1/2) https://t.…

RT @miketomillar: “How can we ask 16-17 year olds to pay taxes, to join the army, and yet not allow them the vote” - @JimfromOldham at #coop100 on votes at 16

RT @jessicaelgot: RT @jessicaelgot: Can he be cautioned for wasting police time?

Jim McMahon MP (Labour) tweeted :

Amazons Jeff Bezo, the richest man on the planet, has added £73bn to his wealth during the pandemic If you’re going to spend on Black Friday support local businesses, many of whom are on their knees #BlackFriday #shoplocal…

RT @MattRodda: Disappointing roll-back by the Conservative Government on zero-emission buses. @transportgovuk had been promising £5bn for 4000 environmentally-friendly buses but the Chancellor announced just £120m for only “over 500” buses.