All deleted tweets from politicians

Proud to be Member of Parliament for the great people and great Constituency of my home - Gateshead - For Casework email

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RT @StefSimanowitz: 2) It is true that we didn't know the exact extent of asymptomatic spread, but @MattHancock said on 11 March it was “very significant”. "The scientific evidence DOES show that asymptomatic transmission occurs & that is one of the very significant challenges this virus presents."

RT @Valerie_VazMP: I’ve written to Leader of House to rectify absurd situation Bame MPs & others who cannot be there physically for public health reasons cannot take part in an important debate about BAME Covid19 ⁦@IanMearnsMP⁩@TommySheppard⁩@Afzal4Gorton

Really interested to know why @RLong_Bailey isn’t leading on this - She is the Shadow Secretary of State for Education - is there something we aren’t being told by the unelected party officialdom? #BackToBusinessAsUsual

RT @CopThatCooks: RT @CopThatCooks: UK's suicide prevention line - 116 123 Will you retweet and possibly save a life?

RT @stuartb06230054: @IanMearnsMP as a your constituent, can I ask if @GavNewlandsSNP has your backing on the employment and dismissal bill in parliament ... many thanks @LizTwistMP @CatMcKinnell @ChiOnwurah #babetrayal #backinthehold @gateshead

RT @gildy61: RT @gildy61: @IanMearnsMP Still saying Gateshead on #r4today

RT @AgeUKGateshead: RT @AgeUKGateshead: The Men’s Group say a fond (but brief) farewell and say good luck to Ken! ◽◽◽ #GatesheadToParis

RT @HelpRafeeq_Bola: RT @HelpRafeeq_Bola: @IanMearnsMP The Initial Hearing of Rafeeq and Bola’s case to return to the UK is tomorrow. The Children’s Commissione…

#DominicsGone - The Thick Plottens: New witnesses cast doubt on Dominic Cummings's lockdown claims…