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From Dudley. Proper, decent traditional Labour. MP for Dudley North (2005-2019) & Govt minister. Chair @MainstreamUK, campaign against extremism

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Ian Austin (Labour) replied to @Kokothecat2 :

@Kokothecat2 Amazing! He nearly can’t to the villa!

Ian Austin (Labour) retweeted @d4nf0x :

RT @d4nf0x: RT @d4nf0x: Why is @labourlist boosting this crank and his crankery, unquestioningly and without any challenge?…

RT @adamlangleben: Jeremy... “I grew up in a family that were obviously opposed to racism in any form. My mum was there at Cable Street in 1936" Meanwhile his brother Piers Corbyn seems to be a big fan of a massive Jew hater... My dad was a trained as a Tailor, doesnt mean I know how to sew.

Ian Austin (Labour) retweeted @MarkRegev :

RT @MarkRegev: 🏳️‍🌈We’re raising the Pride flag for #PrideMonth here at @IsraelInUK. Israel is proud to stand with the UK in championing the rights of LGBT+ people around the world.

RT @Louc1977Carney: This little lad is missing since Friday please help me find him DY5 4HU area , he has a micro chip and is neutered absolutely gutted I can’t find him please help if you can x

@tessfrancesc @LabourList I don’t follow?

We won’t be able to hear the speech from behind the tin foil facemask

Ian Austin (Labour) tweeted :

Utter rubbish. @bbclaurak was reporting what she was told, just as she reported what Labour were saying too. That’s what journalists do. The attacks on her and the undermining of public service broadcasting and the best broadcaster in the world really are disgraceful and stupid.

Ian Austin (Labour) retweeted @Sathnam :

RT @Sathnam: True. I expend most of my professional energy advocating diversity and progressiveness, yet I have got tens time more abuse from the far left than from the far right in the past year.