All deleted tweets from politicians

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@AllegraCOP26 Such a stupid inadequate misconceived proposal. Even this government is better than this. Taxi for Ms Stratton.

RT @HelenGoodmanBA: RT @HelenGoodmanBA: Perfect spot for geese, crew, lapwing oyster catchers and redshank.

RT @NorthernLefty: A UK passport is £75-85. A UK provisional license is £43. As a UC claimant I don't have that kind of money lying around. I'd also never vote Tory. Tell me this isn't voter suppression.

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

#dominiccummngs doesn't seem to understand the difference between lying and stating intentions that turn out not to be implemented. I'm not here to defend @MattHancock but if he said X and Y it's because officials briefed him. @spjudge @jillongovt

RT @DavidLammy: .@BorisJohnson ending a #PMQs in which @Keir_Starmer rightly gave all 6 questions to shamefully low conviction and prosecution rates for rape with an idiotic jibe ("they jabber, we jab") shows how little the PM cares about ending violence against women. A total disgrace.

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

What on earth is going on? So #PM. couldn't take a view on Health Sec breaking the rules, because he was too busy breaking them himself with trip to #Portugal.

RT @Christi75367510: So Boris and the PM Carrie are in Portugal having their honeymoon, nice. Meanwhile we have been locked down, restricted from travel, wedding & funeral numbers restricted, 12.1 million waiting hospital treatment, whilst they holiday! 😡

RT @Bigjsmith73: So we're told Matt Hancock went to Chequers to offer his resignation to Boris but apparently Boris and Carrie are sunning it up in Portugal..... How much worse can this government get? How many holidays has he had during this pandemic?

RT @DannyBMiller: My mate is in Portugal now and the Portuguese media have posted pictures of Boris Johnson and his wife out there tonight for a meal and a few drinks. But NO English media reporting it here!! WHY?!!! Will he quarantine at home which is FULL of MP’s and Downing Street workers? 🙄

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

Congratulations @kimleadbeater !