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Labour Member of Parliament for Bishop Auckland in County Durham since 2005 and Shadow Media Minister.

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RT @elashton: RT @elashton: Hair? MT @ayestotheright Jack Dromey says next time he goes to the barber he won't ask for his hair to be cut but "simplified"

RT @elashton: RT @elashton: Tom Tugendhat points to BuzzFeed's "extensive" journalism of Russian deaths on British soil. You can read more here https://t…

RT @nigelfletcher: Anyone awake? Because this is kind of important- Commons procedure committee endorses calls for amendments to be taken before the #MeaningfulVote on #Brexit deal.…

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

Interesting response from business to @RachelReevesMP

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

Game changing speech from @Keir_Starmer - absolutely excellent. Both uplifting and practical.

RT @JohnRentoul: RT @JohnRentoul: Snap poll by ⁦@OpiniumResearch⁩ on Starmer’s speech

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

Pl could the #police and #PrimeMinister decide what they mean. If we should trust the #police why tell us to ring 999, flag down a bus or run away ? They've had 6 months to think about it . Still the most confused messaging ever. @HarrietHarman @campbellclaret #SarahEverard

RT @PaulBrandITV: We’ve finally arrived at Vera’s house. Because of the delay she has been lying in a wet bed for an hour. This is the impact on the vulnerable who can’t afford to wait for their care.

RT @am_shooketh: RT @am_shooketh: Bishop Auckland has the 6th highest child poverty rate in the North East and Dehenna voted against free school meals

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RT @MikeIon: RT @MikeIon: Want to help #savelabour then vote for these 6 candidates