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Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

Scoop in the @TheNorthernEcho

RT @sianie_gray: @HelenGoodmanBA @campbellclaret @mrjamesob The questions were clear. Helen used Cummings own figures. He said he didn’t understand because Helen didn’t say what he wanted to hear, and she wasn’t bamboozled by his evasive tactics.

RT @sianie_gray: @MelanieMbow @RicHolden @LizTwistMP @Conservatives The new breed of Tory MP’s see no need to check HANSARD. I have spoken up for both @LauraPidcock and @HelenGoodmanBA in this respect. They forget everything is documented, when they cite labour for the “blame game”, yet plough on with divisive politics.

RT @sianie_gray: At least 2 of my various conditions are visible with the naked eye, IF a musculoskeletal examination is performed correctly. To score 0 on a #pipassessment indicates the assessors are not fit for purpose. #pipvictim #torymisery #disabilitydiscrimination

RT @sianie_gray: PIP assessments, undertaken by someone who is not a doctor, detailing a "musculoskeletal examination". This examination was to stand on one leg, and raise my other leg. This is NOT a musculoskeletal examination, and I couldn't even do it! #pipvictim

RT @sianie_gray: My PIP assessment could be on the best sellers list. I am proof POSITIVE that these people are paid to fail claims... #pipvictim #torymisery #disabilitydiscrimination

RT @frank_eve: This is the time for MP’s of all parties to call for a #PeoplesVote and make sure that #meaningfulvote is what it says. #BrexitChaos #Parliament…

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

Good point.

RT @OxfordDiplomat: Yvette Cooper speaking the words so many wish to say to Johnsons face: “We have 40,000 dead We need YOU to get this right. YOU have a choice between protecting Dominic Cummings and the national interest. Which is it?” #BorisHasFailedtheNation