All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Blackpool South from 1997 to 2019 and Shadow Minister for Higher, Further Education and Skills in the previous Parliament

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RT @TasGovEducation: Today we recognise Adult Learners Week that runs from 1-8 September this year and is part of an international festival of adult learning. Check out some of the activities in your area to celebrate Adult Learners Week here: #ALW2020 #ReNewYou

RT @LionelGodwit: RT @LionelGodwit: @GordonMarsden RA's were dramatic but the Lancaster & Spitfire stole the show. They were simply awesome.

RT @MichaelHolmes05: RT @MichaelHolmes05: Prince Philip and the Queen during a visit to the Opera House in Blackpool for the Royal Variety show in 1955. https:/…

RT @MichaelHolmes05: UK Government: All pharmacies should to be able to play a part in the UK's Covid-19 vaccine programme - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

RT @WinstonCProject: .@BorisJohnson's Brexit chief blames NI chaos on his predecessors under @theresa_may. . "@DavidGHFrost said the "Inheritance" from the previous Tory Govt was a "Significant" part of the difficulty." Frost is about as useful as Failing Grayling. Embarrassing blaming others. 🏴‍☠️

RT @WinstonCProject: .@AdamBienkov with a fire question for .@BorisJohnson at the end of that Press Conference about voter suppression. Johnson didn't like it, it caught him by surprise, and he answered the question with some hostility. It's voter suppression and undemocratic, in plain light.

RT @StJohnVianneyBp: RT @StJohnVianneyBp: PARISH FIELD: Please get ready to vote at Tesco. (Take a flyer tomorrow outside school!)

RT @lfstuart71: @paulwaugh @BorisJohnson It’s quite the line from the guy who famously considered which opinion he was going to take on Brexit after he’d written two contradictory newspaper columns

RT @andrew_bogg: RT @andrew_bogg: @Langford1M @MichaelDugher We are sorry to announce the Northern Powerhouse is delayed by 5 years due to the wrong politi…