All deleted tweets from politicians

GB News Presenter. BBFC Non Exec Director. Ex Labour MP

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RT @StefanRousseau: Photo du Jour: Labour leader @Keir_Starmer welcomes former Tory MP Christian Wakeford to the Labour Party after his defection earlier today. By Stefan Roussseau/PA

RT @GBNEWS: ‘I actually think that sort of thing is import as is having something outside of politics in you life’ MP Kevin Brennan talks about the cross-party band he plays in and how it helps his views on life and politics. 📺Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626 📻DAB+

RT @_AlexSanderson: RT @_AlexSanderson: "If we cannot give people realistic hope then people will walk away from us and we will lose support for many years" #g…

RT @rosskempsell: LISTEN: A @timesradio investigation has found ads promoting vaccine misinformation on Facebook a year after the social media giant said it would crack down I spoke to @Imi_Ahmed from @CCDHate which studies online misinformation Facebook told @timesradio it is investigating

RT @rosskempsell: David Davis suggests to @TimesRadio some Tory MPs could vote against new lockdown measures. "We have got to see the data... the evidence... [the govt] has got to cross that rubicon" - says his vote isn't secure and neither are colleagues he's spoken to

RT @InayaFolarin: RT @InayaFolarin: I'll be covering the wonderful @GloriaDePiero for De Piero and Halligan 2-3pm, Monday to Thursday this week.

RT @GBNEWS: 💬 ‘I would prefer to have seen that in guidance rather than regulation’ Conservative MP @AnneMarieMorris tells Gloria de Piero she will vote against the Government today on the measures to stop the spread of the Omicron variant.

RT @amyjaybritton: RT @amyjaybritton: I'll be canvassing for @GloriaDePiero at 3:30 today, team joined by @OwenJones84 . See some of you there #KeepAshfieldLa…

RT @amyjaybritton: RT @amyjaybritton: @jessphillips Happy birthday Jess! Hope you've had a great day x