All deleted tweets from politicians

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Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) tweeted :

So would I count as as “English” tourist?

Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) tweeted :


Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) tweeted :

With @Keir_Starmer and @Douglas4Moray making the case the Union will survive and strive! We can stand up to nationalism’s false promises…

Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) tweeted :

Pity he wasn’t more strongly in support of Heathrow in recent years. Punjab-born UK MP Virendra Sharma leads campaign to save Heathrow jobs - cities - Hindustan Times…

RT @FIRE_AID_UK: We are looking for someone to support the running of FIRE AID for 6 months whilst our Coordinator is on maternity leave. @NFCC_FireChiefs provides further infomation here:… Please do get in contact with us for further details:

RT @SteveReedMP: Two weeks ago Communities Secretary @RobertJenrick sent in a junior minister rather than face MPs himself, tomorrow he has serious questions only he can answer about his role in ‘cash-for-favours’ - we need straight answers and it won’t look good if Bob bottles it again...

RT @EASSTransport: A terrific week of online sessions and learning! Thank you @fia!! Who can spot EASST's @Emma_MacLennan? #FIAeConf2020

RT @MrTCHarris: “A successful working-class Northern woman of Pakistani Muslim origin, who refuses to tow the identitarian line, is the radical Left’s worst nightmare.”

RT @MrTCHarris: RT @MrTCHarris: The morning email from @MattChorley is always worth reading.

RT @MrTCHarris: Since there can be no such thing as a 100% guarantee against infection, this effectively is calling for schools to reopen only after a vaccine is produced, however long that takes.