All deleted tweets from politicians

Hull North Labour MP since 2005. First woman MP for Hull. Committed to in-depth research into fish, chips & mushy peas. Casework e-mail

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RT @visitparliament: #OTD 1265 for the 1st time representatives of cities and boroughs came to a Parliament in Westminster Hall to discuss matters other than tax

RT @visitparliament: If you are interested in working at Parliament, do book a place at our Recruitment Open Day on Thursday 23 February.

RT @visitparliament: RT @visitparliament: In 30 seconds; Royal Gallery, St Stephen's Hall, Lords Chamber, Commons Chamber, Central Lobby and Prince's Chamber. h…

RT @visitparliament: RT @visitparliament: Season of #Suffragette guided tours and family tours and activities from 6 February. https://t…

RT @MattPattv1: It’s been great to campaign with @natasapantelic5 and see what an amazing Labour MP she would be for Chesham & Amersham. Awesome to see her speaking up for local residents tonight on the news. If you want change and an MP who stand up for local values #votelabour

RT @CllrCallaghan: How have the papers been briefed on the PM’s thinking before parliament and councils? @BorisJohnson couldn’t run a bath. This is beyond embarrassing.

RT @CllrCallaghan: So on Saturday when we arrived it was close in Miami Dade County. Now she's won by 30 points. #JustSaying #USADecides #ImWithHer

RT @nmorris01: @RNLI If you are asking: Why don't they stay in France/EU? Most do. Only 6% of refugees head to the UK. We are 17th on the list of first-time asylum applications per 1000 of population Those heading for UK either speak English, have existing contacts or colonial links to the country

RT @ImogenShaw_otr: Me for @LabourList: Labour must make sure we don’t portray sexual assault allegations as a side-issue in the Julian Assange saga…