All deleted tweets from politicians

🌈Diana Johnson #StayAtHomeSaveLives🌈


Hull North Labour MP elected x5 times. Former Labour Government Whip & Minister. Home Affairs Select Committee. “Nothing like a Dame.”

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Votes have to be physical says @Jacob_Rees_Mogg and then trys to justify why that is with complelty rubbish reasons like you can vote when you are going on a walk! Somehow this is totally unacceptable! The standard of the argument is dire.

I just feel a bit ashamed about what’s happening in a Parliament at the moment. This looks ridiculous and excludes so many MPs. #Parliamentin2020

RT @estwebber: This makes it look very much as though queuing MPs might be able to maintain a distance of 2 metres from the person in front of them but not to the left or right (photo via @labourwhips)

RT @Tim_Roache: @EmmaLewellBuck is one of our own. A @GMB_union activist who always sticks up for her home town and communities as MP. She has the GMBs full support and I urge all members in the CLP to back her too.

RT @Tim_Roache: The cats out the bag. The Tories are desperate for a Brexit deal that enables them to slash workers rights and introduce a race to the bottom. @GMB_union calls on ALL MPs to look at the full impact on jobs, industry, communities of any Johnson ‘deal’ before they vote for it.…

RT @Tim_Roache: This is absolutely disgraceful and shows @andreajenkyns cares nothing for our teaching assistants that literally keep schools running. Vote @Deanneferguson…

RT @Tim_Roache: May’s last desperate and cynical attempt to get the WA thro tomorrow is the ultimate BLINDFOLD BREXIT. The people of this country need safeguards and a plan for the future and this offers neither. All it offers is a blank canvass for Boris or Gove. This must be OPPOSED by Lab MPs

RT @Tim_Roache: Correct decision from @JennieGenSec that Williamson suspended while investigation conducted. If pattern of behaviour identified, investigation should cover all of it. Deeply saddened & incredibly angry seeing the bile spewed on here today, solidarity to my Jewish Labour comrades.

RT @Tim_Roache: RT @Tim_Roache: Wow, what a statement, what a person. What BOTH people…

RT @Tim_Roache: Our movement is built on collectivism, our Party came from the trade union movement. Anyone who thinks the unions don’t have a role in the Party we built and have stood by through thick and thin, should ask themselves if they’re in the right place.