All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Hull North since 2005. First woman to represent Hull. Current majority 12,899. Shadow FCO Minister. Casework e-mail

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RT @jessicaelgot: RT @jessicaelgot: Great letter in the Times today #poundland

RT @paul__johnson: So who do we trust: ‘Britain is a safe country, we will always be a safe country’ -Priti Patel #r4today 3 days ago: ‘The country will be less safe if a security treaty isn’t forthcoming’ -Neil Basu, Assistant Commissioner Met, Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer

Every day frontline NHS staff are forced to spend on top-down reorganisation is a day less to tackle waiting lists and cope with Covid. Now is not the time to reorganise the NHS

RT @BevNewlandLab: Labour activists have been out collecting litter in Beverley and Newland - we are going to be out all year round reaching out to residents (unlike the Liberal Democrats across Hull)

RT @andrewgregory: Exclusive: Half of NHS trusts using obsolete radiotherapy machines to treat cancer 46% using linear accelerator machines beyond recommended 10-year lifespan, per data released under freedom of information laws Cancer charities say 'deeply concerning'…

RT @jessicaelgot: 👩‍⚕️Pay rise for nurses, doctors and others in NHS 👩‍🏫Pay freeze in rest of public sector 👨‍🔧BUT those on under £24,000 guaranteed pay rise of £250

RT @willhanrahan: RT @willhanrahan: Researching our current troubles, @Bill_Esterson revealed a remarkable and worrying story to me.

RT @willhanrahan: @PreetKGillMP @Bill_Esterson @DianaJohnsonMP @carolinenokes @KarlTurnerMP @LizMcInnes60 This is a disaster for English regions. Cultural, economic and democratic damage will follow. It has nothing to do with the crisis, it is opportunistic vandalism.…

RT @amygriff36: RT @amygriff36: My tired eyes telling of how I feel that we once again, have a full COVID ICU. Buckle up, here we go again….…