All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Brent Central ✉

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RT @DanielePjanic: Can I just repost this, this morning while we await any response which will not be too late, talk about how @DawnButlerBrent had said about factionalism for a long time and we should have listened harder to her than we did...

RT @getawaygirlslds: Here it is! Our interview with the amazing @DawnButlerBrent. Featuring some fantastic advice for young women and really interesting insight into being a female MP in today's society. Thanks again to Dawn and her team for this opportunity! 💚💜

RT @lillystobbs: RT @lillystobbs: Congratulations @DawnButlerBrent London Live would like to invite you to our studio for an interview this week. Please let…

RT @maliharez: RT @maliharez: The only Deputy Leader candidate stopped by a whole group of young people to chat ◽ #Dawn4Deputy

This is heart breaking. Mind boggling how those men were not charged with the murder of a police officer bravely doing his duty. I hope @pritipatel does all she can to help address this wrong.

RT @RaniaRamli: Great answer from @DawnButlerBrent to my Q on intersectionality -'dealing with issues facing 1 group doesn't diminish the rights of another'

RT @RahmanMaiya: .@DawnButlerBrent talks of the importance of supporting and standing with women who are survivors of #ViolenceAgainstWomen

RT @ChathamBranchLP: @DawnButlerBrent says hello to our Branch. It was a fantastic event today with a fantastic speech from Dawn. Our CLP is @CandACLP and we are proud to support #Dawn4Deputy!

RT @MPSHammFul: Regina Offiah 80yrs is missing from Hospital. She is very vulnerable and family are worried. Please call us if you see her.

RT @SankofaMind: RT @SankofaMind: @DawnButlerBrent love to you sweetpea, stay strong and lean on us ❤️