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RT @Integercode1: @northernassist 3rd day now. Its either cancelled/delayed then leads 2 overcrowded as a result of this. Put extra carriages.@DavidCrausby

RT @waynejwalker: @AndyBurnhamGM @DavidCrausby 2 rush hour trains in a row this morning Bolton to Manchester are reduced, one from 4 to 2 and one from 6 to 2! Many people left on the platform unable to get to work on time this morning thanks to @northernassist Utter disgrace! How can this go on!

RT @waynejwalker: The 7.35am Bolton to Manchester is 2 carriages instead of 4, leaving lots of people behind on the platform who will be late for work thanks to the abhorrent incompetency of @northernassist who are still allowed to run the franchise causing misery! @DavidCrausby @AndyBurnhamGM

RT @waynejwalker: @DavidCrausby The 7.55am Bolton to Manchester is now a modern 6 carriage Transpennine train with ample seating, air conditioning a quiet journey. It's actually a train Northern have borrowed off them which TP confirmed to me this morning. Lol

RT @DraughtsLady: @northernassist Please could you explain this? Seeing as the train only stops once an hour at these stations, it doesn’t really make sense for the train to run through but to not stop @AndyBurnhamGM @DavidCrausby

RT @Siciliana151: @DavidCrausby The management are poor , and it sounds like they just turn and hope for the best , for such a important public service it's a shocking state of affairs!

RT @misskellyrogers: Train already full from Victoria ... no one able to get on at Salford Central!! This is a joke @northernassist you charge a fortune for your tickets and people can’t get home @richardbranson we need your help!!! #NorthernFail @AndyBurnhamGM

RT @salty191: RT @salty191: @DavidCrausby Pubs are part of British culture! But sadly most people don't care !

David Crausby (Labour) retweeted @RoryGeo :

RT @RoryGeo: Brilliant to see another MP, Sir @DavidCrausby for Bolton North East, getting behind @csjthinktank's #desperateforafix and the need to tackle the root causes of prolific shop theft. Story covered by @SeamusMBN.…

RT @LiamHollyHP: RT @LiamHollyHP: @DavidCrausby rightly puts it to @theresa_may that if £1billion for DUP we need investment in the North #PMQs