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Labour MP for Sefton Central

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RT @Tim_Roache: Seeing some shite on social media from people I wouldn’t normally respond to. But just to be clear. @GMB_union has never signed a no strike deal in the 4 years I’ve been Gen Sec and never will. If our members vote to strike, they will, and with our full and total support

RT @Tim_Roache: RT @Tim_Roache: Tory Clause V meeting

RT @Tim_Roache: Know what, I’m tired and frankly bored of who’s more ‘left’ than who. I’ve spent my whole 41 working years fighting for fairness, justice and n equal society. And in this dep leader contest I’m looking for the one who has the same passion. That person is Angela Rayner by a mile

RT @Tim_Roache: May’s last desperate and cynical attempt to get the WA thro tomorrow is the ultimate BLINDFOLD BREXIT. The people of this country need safeguards and a plan for the future and this offers neither. All it offers is a blank canvass for Boris or Gove. This must be OPPOSED by Lab MPs

RT @Tim_Roache: RT @Tim_Roache: Barnier finally meets someone who can negotiate!

RT @Tim_Roache: Correct decision from @JennieGenSec that Williamson suspended while investigation conducted. If pattern of behaviour identified, investigation should cover all of it. Deeply saddened & incredibly angry seeing the bile spewed on here today, solidarity to my Jewish Labour comrades.

RT @Tim_Roache: Heartbroken to hear of the passing of Gordon Banks. As a young keeper Gordon was my hero, the one I based my game on so when I met him with my lad Nick it was an incredible moment. They say you should never meet your heroes but Gordon was the exception. RIP the original Banksy

RT @Tim_Roache: Absolutely devastating news and @GMB_union will fight this closure with everything we have. This will not just affect our brilliant and beave members jobs, it will decimate the whole Bridgend community…

RT @Tim_Roache: What a win! I’m so proud of our members at Harland and Wolff who refused to give up and go home. This is what being GMB is all about. Well done @gmbnwi @deniseNWI @mikejmhinch @rossgmb2018 #TeamGMB…

RT @Tim_Roache: Absolutely brilliant @RachelReevesMP exposing the REALITY of the hard brexiteers agenda. Thank you so much on behalf of the thousands of @GMB_union ceramics and manufacturing members.…