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Labour MP for Sefton Central and Shadow Business and International Trade Minister

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RT @Riaz1982: RT @Riaz1982: @Bill_Esterson appreciated your email Bill. I am glad you are backing @owensmith2016

RT @Riaz1982: RT @Riaz1982: @NinaKillen @Bill_Esterson Can't loose sight that there are plenty of good talented people within the Labour party.

RT @AnnelieseDodds: The Chancellor's disastrous one-size-fits-all withdrawal of furlough support is putting over half a million jobs are at risk in seats held by new Tory MPs. Today the 2019 Tory intake had a chance to force the Chancellor into a U-turn before it’s too late. They ignored it.

RT @JonAshworth: 🦠 We’ve seen a worrying resurgence in Covid cases yet the testing regime has become a fiasco in recent days. 🦠Today ministers offered no plan to #FixTesting nor apologised for the chaos. 🦠We need Public Health teams in the lead and prosper support for isolation.

RT @kellyoxford: RT @kellyoxford: If you have not looked at my time line, please do. I've had a million women describe their assaults tonight. A million. Th…

RT @EmilyThornberry: Liz Truss was caught out removing meetings with the IEA from the official record. Now after checking the ministerial code, she's put them back again. The meetings record had never been altered before by her department; now she’s done it twice in a month!…

RT @TheresaEurope: RT @TheresaEurope: Tomorrow evening-delighted if you can join @TribuneMPs

RT @BBCPolitics: “Even his own MPs have run out of patience [with government U-turns]... They’re right, aren’t they?” asks Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer PM Boris Johnson says Starmer has “performed a U-turn" on his stance on Brexit #PMQs

RT @GrowthStreetUK: For SMEs to successfully manage a post-Brexit economy, government needs to do more according to @Bill_Esterson