All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ExePresident: There are a lot of disclosures & stories being shared at #ExeterCathedralVigil please find a list of helplines & resources in our recent statement on campus sexual violence…

RT @JolyonGreen: Can anyone help The Sun with the name of a foreign born multi-millionaire who has spent years foisting anti-EU views on the British people?

RT @paul__johnson: Matt Hancock says law on publication if contracts was ‘technically’ broken because his team were ‘focused on saving lives’ #marr This is what actually happened…

RT @DriverSteph: RT @DriverSteph: Grossly irresponsible

RT @LukeOHolland: I’m off Twitter and on holiday, but some of the garbage coming out from what’s left of the Corbyn bunker made it onto my Facebook. So just to be clear, let’s remember that the result in 2017 was delivered by a team of dedicated staff who were experts in their fields.

RT @BehcetKara: @sukru_haskan @grantshapps @BenPBradshaw @vicderbyshire @ranvir01 Bro you can share these rates. Thats #turkey compare to the other countries on amber list. Thats the vaccination rates there

RT @RichWhiting: RT @RichWhiting: YouGov first poll of 2020: Con: 49% Lab: 29% YouGov last poll of 2020: Lab: 41% (+12) Con: 37% (-12) #anewleadership

RT @GraemeDemianyk: RT @GraemeDemianyk: Blog: selling off the NHS by the pound?

RT @GraemeDemianyk: RT @GraemeDemianyk: @BenPBradshaw our story on South West GPs' revolt over outsourcing NHS services

RT @GraemeDemianyk: RT @GraemeDemianyk: Biggest change in #autumnstatement for Devon & Cornwall is scrapping national public sector pay and linking salaries ...