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@TaiwoOwatemi Many congratulations Taino

RT @TeessideLive: RT @TeessideLive: The Middlesbrough MP made the comments in the Commons…

RT @YouGov: Boris Johnson has said that cancelling Christmas this year is 'very much not the plan'. Britons, however, aren't overly convinced. Expect restrictions - 36% Don't expect restrictions - 44%…

RT @SCAM_NE: RT @SCAM_NE: @Erimus81 Reference for the £1.5m overspend on the new Teesworks entrance building -…

RT @ACunninghamMP: At this afternoon's Gas Industry Statement I asked the Energy Secretary if he could tell me what he is going to do specifically to get CF Fertilisers, based in Billingham, producing again. Not much new detail.

No new information from the government on getting CF Fertilisers producing again when I asked about help for the company in the Commons a few minutes ago.

RT @FisherAndrew79: Apparently 70% cuts to Croydon's funding from central government had nothing to do with it ... Would the Government funding cuts have happened with a Mayor? Yes And if the problem is unaccountable leadership, why would concentrating power even further in a single Mayor help?

RT @JessieJoeJacobs: Wow, first day on the job and @NadineDorries commits cultural vandalism, reversing @HistoricEngland decision to list the Dorman Long tower, one of UK’s best examples of brutalist architecture and a proud symbol of Teesside’s industrial heritage. This is just tragic!

RT @PoliceCadetBoro: Its always nice when @Cleveland_PCC visits the cadets - many thanks for your support 👏👏 without your help it simply wouldn’t be possible to do all the good work we do in the local community 👏👏