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Member of Parliament for Stockton North

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RT @Clare4Labour: I’m not sure about this cooking on my birthday malarkey like. I’m not even going to mention the fact that it normally snows on my birthday either. Sometimes it just rains, but often it snows. #LockdownBirthday

RT @CarersTrust: .@CarersUK have launched a survey to record the experiences of unpaid carers during the coronavuris outbreak. The survey takes 15 minutes and is open until Monday 13 April. Take part 👇

And we have this on our wall. Limited edition but we love this picture of @stocktoncouncil twin Hall

A good and welcome example to set yhe rest of the big chains.

RT @TomJHarper: Full story: Dominic Cummings, chief adviser to the prime minister, facing questions over his past activities in Russia after whistleblower came forward to raise “serious concerns” over time he spent there in 1990s…

RT @JohnLehal: RT @JohnLehal: Anyone else at the cleaning the fridge stage?? Mango chutney that expired in April 2017 the record ◽

RT @tashandrewsg: RT @tashandrewsg: She's just so detached from society; Literally no idea what a 'working' person is or how they exist. #marr

Raising the legitimate concerns of workers being expected to go in to work by employers, about whether social distancing guidelines are being followed is cheap? We'll have to agree to disagree on that

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