All deleted tweets from politicians

Sir Mark Hendrick, Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Preston.

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@david_conn Totally invalid comparison between UEFA/FFP and EU/Brexit. Article presents facts but with the wrong conclusions.

@RSylvesterTimes @adamboultonSKY Starring: Boris Johnson as Romeo, Dominic Cummings as Night Ninja and the cabinet as the Ninjalenos. Keir Starmer is Catboy, Lisa Nandy is Owlette and Ian Murray is Gecco.

RT @AbdiDuale_: Of all days, they chose the day Keir and his family are going through the tragedy of losing a loved one. These people are lower than vermin

RT @VoteLeaveWatch: RT @VoteLeaveWatch: Vote Leave's new think tank, Change Britain, has cynically dropped its pledge to spend an extra £350m on the NHS https:…

Lobby journalists in walkout over 'selective' Government briefings barring some titles:… - via:@pressgazette

RT @GroomB: RT @GroomB: Senior Labour figures in 'red wall' seats back Starmer or Nandy.…

RT @JamesMelville: In 2020, the UK will have spent more than £200bn on Brexit. This is more than our entire EU membership fee over 47 years. For what exactly? To get a trade deal that is worse than the current EU free trade deal and a passport that has less benefits than the current EU passport.

@coyleneil What sort of Thatcherite we redistribute income like Blair and Brown did between 1997 and 2010?!

RT @votehendrick: Being interviewed earlier today by @leponline about what I feel are the main issues for this #GeneralElection2019, including #brexit, the #NHSCrisis and #climatechange #VoteLabour2019

RT @votehendrick: RT @votehendrick: Fourteen good reasons to vote Labour on Thursday, 12th December.