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former MP for Liverpool Wavertree | #mentalhealth | insta: lucianaberger |

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RT @_NatashaDevon: ... why does a person have to die before this issue is taken seriously? And if I had accepted any of those invitations would I have been allowed to talk about how 90% suicides happen as a result of untreated depression or addiction & happens when pain exceeds resources for ....

Excited to be one of the judges for this year’s @bookseller Book of the Year Awards #nibbies

RT @VoteLeaveWatch: RT @VoteLeaveWatch: .@lucianaberger: The £350m was not just a pledge, it was THE pledge. This chamber has a responsibility to honour it #br…

RT @lemmaphan: RT @lemmaphan: Yay! My mums #votinglabour @Ed_Miliband @lucianaberger hope both of you win ◽

RT @GuyMandrell: The government is currently trying to shaft the country by giving us a choice of a bad deal or no deal. No meaningful vote for Parliament. Great question also from @lucianaberger as well as Dr Philip Lee talking about the #PeoplesVote @peoplesvote_uk

RT @JacquiNWC: Local MP Luciana Berger shares horrific statistics “400% increase since 1990 in deaths from Alcohol related disease” in the Liverpool city region. How can anyone not be shocked by that and compelled to work together to improve this statistic. #whywedoresearch.

RT @TomBoadle: @JonAshworth The Department of Health has declined our request to speak to @Jeremy_Hunt this evening (or tomorrow). Would have thought they'd put him up given the flack the Government has taken today over accusations the Transport Secretary has been "hiding" in Qatar.

RT @seanjonesqc: Put simply, Gove is saying this Govt may choose to treat itself as being above the Law. That should be an inconceivable position for any Govt. /2

RT @seanjonesqc: For a Govt to even contemplate refusing to obey the law is to hack at the taproot of parliamentary sovereignty and the rule of law. Ministerial impatience isn’t just a bad reason for doing it, it is part of the reason we have these principles in the first place /end

RT @mattforde: 📻 Some rare behind-the-scenes photos from today’s Political Party with @lucianaberger. Luciana in party colours, me in a T shirt I bought in a hurry at an airport