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Labour/Co-Op MP for Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Longdendale & Dukinfield, and Shadow Economic Sec to the Treasury (City Minister) in @labourtreasury

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RT @doylematthew: RT @doylematthew: Bernard Jenkin ignorance of Irish border questions not just embarrassing but dangerous. #bbcqt

RT @rishi175: RT @rishi175: PM's insular approach to Brexit + Business is opportunity 4 @uklabour 2 lead the conversation- good luck @jreynoldsMP + @labo…

RT @ShonaMurrayNT: RT @ShonaMurrayNT: Who says journalism has lost its way... local newspaper in Donegal, Ireland

RT @mwarne: This photo was posted in a Facebook group I belong to. It’s in Morlande, a district of Avallon, Burgundy, France. #JoCox

RT @RaviSubbie: RT @RaviSubbie: A long read but worth it. The whole PLP from Corbyn to his worst detractors should read it.…

RT @RaviSubbie: RT @RaviSubbie: @larry_turner @oflynnmep and it will free up capacity on other lines so non London passengers will benefit too. #MoreFacts

RT @duncanrobinson: RT @duncanrobinson: When that lad who used to kick your head in at school adds you on Facebook…