All deleted tweets from politicians

Very fortunate to have been the MP for Luton South 2010-19, and other things.

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I think 5 Ingredients might be the best @jamieoliver book since The Naked Chef. Bulletproof, simple, confidence inspiring recipes for starters/amateurs - I can recommend.

When someone successfully pranks you, the correct response is a massively disproportionate one, right?

@HeathrowHub No particular desire to quarrel, but I also read the HUB judgment handed down this morning. ◽ This spin’s a bit of a stretch...

Heathrow judgment reporting is a bit of a mess. It wasn’t ruled illegal due to climate change; it’s a process point. Government didn’t demonstrate its compatibility with its Paris commitments, but could go back and do so if it wished.…

@RobDotHutton @thhamilton @twlldun Receiving the gift of speaking in Venezuelan Spanish.

RT @mrwtch: RT @mrwtch: “You have been selected for a @YouGov survey!”

I’ve been on Twitter a lot less in 2020 and it’s been changing the way I use it. I’ll now keep an archive of about three months or so on a rolling basis.

@DavidKennedy80 Should have got yourself a competent MP.

This is ingenious. Basically it’s transforming from toe-out front wheels (V) in the corners, to parallel front wheels (I I) on the straights.