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RT @indiaknight: Tomorrow is #22q global awareness day. Second most common genetic disorder after Down's, but you've probably never hear ...

RT @indiaknight: Worth signing, unless you're a loan shark.

RT @indiaknight: 'Cynicism never built a school' is exactly it. Steve Coogan for Labour:…

RT @indiaknight: I love Bill Clinton.

RT @indiaknight: (Context is Ali funeral). But I love him. He is a proper person. Proper people are fallible. There we are.

RT @indiaknight: God, Brendan Cox. His wife sounded amazing, but my goodness so is he.

RT @indiaknight: Angela Merkel will one day write the best political memoir of our time.

RT @indiaknight: It’s my name. I use my name. If everyone used their name, this place wouldn’t be such a sewer.…