All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @Memuna_Khattak: 16+ years of education and doing all nighters for exams, losing a lot of weight and breaking out bc of stress so another woman’s son can tell me whether I can work or not 😍😍😍

RT @TheSanjivKapoor: Because Iran cannot hit the US with Nuclear weapons in retaliation. Pakistan can hit India directly, and vice versa. It would be mutually assured destruction.…

RT @DoubleJake: So someone gains twitter backend access and uses the accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Apple, Uber etc to run a cheeky little crypto scam instead of starting World War 3.

RT @khalidbshah: Another friend, @sajadlone, is detained at MLAs hostel. Met his son yesterday, he was deeply disturbed about his father's detention. He awaits the release of Sajad and hopes to celebrate his graduation from school with Dad.

RT @khalidbshah: My dearest friend, @parawahid, is under detention at MLAs hostel in Srinagar. His family members tell me he looks frail and has developed insomnia. He worked tirelessly to bring some semblance of normalcy during the 2016 unrest- to wean youth away from violence.