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RT @harshmadhusudan: IMHO, always tag and call out people but do it within bounds of decency. Name and shame them based on the content of your criticism. Let them and others know there will be pushback. It is important to not roll over, also important to not give others excuse to focus on “language”.

RT @harshmadhusudan: So many articulate, brave writers from the biggest minority community taking on “fascist” Modi I do wish a fraction argued for what some “bigots” are arguing for: a state which sees citizens as equal individuals not as group They should ask for UCC, equal education rights, etc.

RT @AbhijnanRej: One last election-related tweet before I start the day's work: RaGa needs to retire, and take most of the Congress leadership with him. The halfwits are simply not cut out for electoral politics. Out.

RT @AdvaitaKala: In case you missed it, for the first time - all women SWAT team protecting PM Modi this Independence Day - Delhi Police Commissioner says they have been rated higher than male counterparts by trainers #HappyIndependenceDay #shakti

RT @AdvaitaKala: All the analysis aside - bottom line is one man went to the people with his mission and vision - the people responded with Chowkidaar pure hai Unimpeachable integrity and intention won this election for PM Modi. Generations pass before a leader with this appeal appears.…

RT @AdvaitaKala: RT @AdvaitaKala: Smriti Irani's Close Aide Shot Dead by Two Men at His Residence in Amethi.…

RT @rajeshsawhney: Global Tech, Lofty Valuations Apple: $1.4 T Microsoft: $1.4 T Amazon: $1 T Google: $1 T Facebook: $600 B Top Tech 5 have a cumulative valuation of $ 5.5T which is liquid & real (may double by 2024) In comparison, India aspires to get to $5T economy by 2024

RT @ZakirKhan012: I'm Kashmiri but not a Stone Pelter I'm Kashmiri but not a Terrorist I'm Kashmiri but not Hypocrite I'm Kashmiri and a Proud Indian I'm Kashmiri but Indian first. I Stand against violence preachers, terror sympathisers, hate mongers and terrorism. And Yes I exist 🙏. #JaiHind

RT @ZakirKhan012: Being a Kashmiri I don't want Azadi from India , "I want Azadi in Kashmir". Azadi from Hypocrites, Azadi from Khandani Raj, Azadi from Violence, Azadi from Strike calls (Hartals), Azadi from Hurriyat, Azadi from Gun culture, Pak Sponcered terrorism. Hope I'll be Azaad soon✌️.

RT @ZakirKhan012: Maximum Officers in Police and Administration of J&K are Muslims, Kashmir has Muslim majority Population. Then how Hindus are killing Muslims in Kashmir 🤔 So stop pedalling lies Miss @annie_khalid and tell your PM to stop sponsoring terrorism, you will see peace in Kashmir .