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This is a memorial account of Shri Ahmed Patel. Managed by Mumtaz Patel @mumtazpatels since November 2020

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RT @ahmedpatel: बिछड़ा कुछ इस अदा से कि रुत ही बदल गई इक शख़्स सारे शहर को वीरान कर गया ! “ Papa’s iconic ambassador goes back from his karm bhoomi to janam bhoomi.. Dilli se Piramen ..:@mumtazpatel

Ahmed Patel (india) tweeted :

@jitengajaria It is me whoz been handling the account on his behalf. Def not a ◽

So guess the timing couldn’t have been more perfect given the controversy papa is generating posthumously. This is now a memorial account for @ahmedpatel: @mumtazpatel @mfaisalpatel

Ahmed Patel (india) tweeted :

Chirag, shocked to hear about the demise of your father ! Ram Vilas Paswan ji was a champion of the downtrodden and had immense faith in India’s pluralism & diversity. It’s a big loss of the nation. My condolences to you, your family and all his supporters

Ahmed Patel (india) retweeted @HasibaAmin :

RT @HasibaAmin: Male police officer's hand on @priyankagandhi's kurta. This is happening to a mainstream National leader in full media glare. Now imagine how common women must be treated by the same police.

Ahmed Patel (india) tweeted :

My Remarks in Rajya Sabha…

Ahmed Patel (india) tweeted :

BJP government in Manipur manages to convene assembly. But Congress government in Rajasthan can’t