All deleted tweets from politicians

India’s Union Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs (I/C); Civil Aviation (I/C); & MoS Commerce & Industry. Former diplomat & author.

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My homage to legendary writer, poet & creator of Vande Mataram Shri Bankimchandra Chatterjee Ji on his death anniversary.

My parents & maestro Pt Ravi Shanker Ji were neighbours in Pataudi House when I was a toddler. During my years as a diplomat, I was in Tokyo when he took Japan by a storm in 1976. Later hosted his millennium concert in London in 2000. Today, he would have been 100! My tribute.

गगन मै थालु, रवि चंदु दीपक बने, तारका मंडल, जनक मोती। The sky is the prayer-platter, the sun & moon are lamps, stars & constellations are pearls & jewels. An eternal anthem for wellbeing of the universe penned by Guru Nank Dev Ji. This rendition by Bhai Nirmal Singh.

RT @mygovindia: All the customer service bank branches are open and operational! Do not believe the rumours. Stay Informed Stay Safe! #MyGovFactCheck #IndiaFightsCorona

RT @HardeepSPuri: Sardar Tian Singh Ji was the lone Indian national among the 25 innocent faithful who were killed in a dastardly attack on a Gurudwara Sahib in Kabul during a morning ardas on the world's tough battle against Coronavirus.

RT @Secretary_MoHUA: Post launch of SBM-U, cleanliness had been very high priority for us. At this time of nation-wide lockdown to arrest the spread of #COVID19, the wastes from quarantined households need to be handled & disposed of with utmost care so that safety under any case is not compromised.

RT @AkashvaniAIR: #Alert 🕖 8 pm IST 📡 Entire network of @AkashvaniAIR Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi will address the nation on vital aspects relating to the menace of #COVID19. Tune in. #PMonAIR | #IndiaFightsCorona

RT @UNICEFIndia: You've told them so many times, but now, you need to be an example to them. Wash your hands with your daughter. Show your son those handwashing steps you’ve been practicing. Stay healthy together 👪👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. #COVID19 #CoronavirusIndia

RT @PTI_News: RT @PTI_News: #coronavirus: Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee offers Majnu Ka Tilla gurdwara for setting up quarantine facility.

RT @narendramodi: Extremely proud of this team of @airindiain, which has shown utmost courage and risen to the call of humanity. Their outstanding efforts are admired by several people across India. #IndiaFightsCorona