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RT @AAPUttarPradesh: बुलंदशहर में बिटिया सुदीक्षा के परिवार से मिले @SanjayAzadSln जी। सुदीक्षा के जाने से परिवार असहनीय दुःख में है, जिन गुंडों के कारण आज सुदीक्षा हमारे बीच नही है उन दोषियों को कठोर से कठोर दंड मिलना चाहिए। सुदीक्षा बिटिया के लिए न्याय की इस लड़ाई में हम सब परिवार के साथ हैं।

RT @sagarikaghose: RT @sagarikaghose: How to destroy a democracy in 5 steps. Historian @TimothyDSnyder author of the brilliant ‘On Tyranny’ spells it out. htt…

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @shahfaesal :

RT @shahfaesal: Kashmiris are not the demons they are made out to be. Kashmiris have been unequivocally condemning the loss of life in Kashmir. An ordinary Kashmiri is a victim of violence rather than a perpetrator of violence. Targeting them outside is really really sad and unacceptable.

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @shahfaesal :

RT @shahfaesal: J&K Police has circulated many helpline numbers for Kashmiris who need any assistance outside Kashmir. 0194-2451515 I have also been receiving and forwarding SoS calls since morning. I am camping in Delhi and am repeating my number for any kind of assistance: 9419080111.

RT @dhanyarajendran: A little child was found alone at the accident site. She's being taken to the Kondotty hospital. If anyone knows her, contact 9048769169 #planecrash

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @DConquered :

RT @DConquered: To, my diwali celebrating frds ystrdy, plz listen to prof. @LaxmanYadav88 once before sending your kids off to rejoice the construction of another building.

RT @Pradeee55800114: @SudhirRTI Kejriwal is Fighting Polls on 👉 ✴️Schools ✴️Hospitals ✴️CCTV ✴️Electricity ✴️Water ✴️Roads ✴️WiFi BJP 👉 🔥Pakistan 🔥Shaheen Bagh 🔥Hindu - Muslim 🔥Terrorist 🔥Naxalite 🔥Tukde - Tukde Vote For Kejriwal #Vote4Jhadu

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @AAPBihar :

RT @AAPBihar: पंजाब पुलिस ने @AAPPunjab के नेताओं को गिरफ्तार किया है लेकिन वहीं अब तक 120 लोगों का जान चला गया हैं।आरोपियों पर कोई कार्रवाई नहीं हो रही है लेकिन आवाज उठाने वालों को गिरफ्तार कर रही है। #CaptainLabho

RT @AamAadmiParty: RT @AamAadmiParty: Important Announcement: AAP Leader @aapabhinav has been appointed as the State Observer of @AAPUttarPradesh https://t.…

Ankit Lal (india) tweeted :

See how a @BJP4India leader used an old video from Punjab during the recent rains claiming it was from Delhi.