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RT @MattTraini: V disappointing to see such a misleading @UKLabour letter in #Brighton Pavilion. Labour candidate running against @CarolineLucas claims theyre the only party standing for a #PeoplesVote (CL literally co-founded PV campaign) Oh & CL would campaign passionately 4 #Remain btw😉

RT @davidsirota: Some folks are still asking " can we possibly afford @BernieSanders' Green New Deal?" This new IMF report shows the real question is the opposite: how can we possibly afford to let the GOP, lobbyists and billionaires continue to block a Green New Deal? 👇…

RT @TomBoadle: RT @TomBoadle: PM responds to concerns about business rate rises - telling @CarolineLucas there will be "appropriate relief" for companies…

RT @elvenwoodcs: @natalieben @MakeVotesMatter Is clear FPTP is broken. We need electoral reform and PR. Look at the parliament we could have had under PR.

RT @BirdTherapy: If you care about #nature and #mentalhealth then consider supporting the crowdfund to publish Bird Therapy. Sitting on 55% funded at the minute, hoping to push through to 60% this weekend. Please share and support.…

RT @xXNat85Xx: RT @xXNat85Xx: Supporting @CarolineLucas #pshebill It's the best way to educate young people to help them make informed decisions ◽ http://…

Caroline Lucas (Green) tweeted :

lease support the Please do support the @Realjunkfoodbri crowd funder if you can. They want to open a pay as you feel cafe in Gardner Street. Their initiatives do such much to being people together, and to tackle food poverty #Brighton

Caroline Lucas (Green) tweeted :

So sorry @HinaBokhariLD for all the attacks you’re receiving. Nobody, whatever their politics, should have to face bullying or abuse. This is not democracy. We must call out this hatred and lift our politics - and our society - up.

RT @TheGreenParty: We have 10 years to stop this climate crisis 🌍 And just 2 weeks to elect those who will act #ge2019 Join our #climateelection campaign now: