All deleted tweets from politicians

Patrick Harvie πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸŒˆ


Green MSP for Glasgow. Called in the Daily Mail 'voice of the irresponsible left-led anti-family anti-christian gay whales against the bomb coalition'

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RT @scotgp: Breaking: @Ross_Greer has secured the restoration of 124,565 grades that were unfairly downgraded by the SQA! #SQAResults

RT @shonfaye: As a someone raised in Bristol it’s well known here that democratic attempts to engage with the removal of Colston’s statue and his name were frequently frustrated - not by democratic opposition but by the influence and wealth of secretive societies like the Merchant Venturers

RT @flocorf: richard branson has enough money to pay all 8,571 of his employees Β£47,000 and still keep over 90% of his unearned fortune…

RT @NaomiMc: So none of us should leave our homes... but Northern Ireland Office happy to force women to make a LONG unnecessary trip BY FERRY rather than give them the medicine - that women in GB have access to - so they can take care of themselves? This is wrong and dangerous.

RT @MaryGreens: Delighted to see my motion to support school climate strikers passed at committee today. Children’s voices do matter!

RT @MaryGreens: A fundraiser has been set up for Stuart Elliott, the cyclist who was killed in Porty last week. His partner is pregnant and the funds raised will help cover baby and funeral costs. Please donate if you can.…

RT @MaryGreens: Credit where credit is due, from the party who put β€˜Controls on Immigration’ on a mug, this is a huge improvement. Hope this policy platform is advocated strongly by their leadership.…

RT @internetmartha: RT @internetmartha: Tfw when you voted against repealing section 28 but you wish everyone a fantastic pride

RT @devisridhar: It is the tragedy of history that when a serious pandemic hit the world where leadership & good governance were required, Donald Trump was US President & Boris Johnson was UK Prime Minister.