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Scottish Green MSP. Mid-Scotland and Fife. Spokesperson on environment, energy, climate, food and agriculture, animal welfare. Former Councillor. Busy.

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RT @DunblaneSocial: Monday- 13:00-14:00 Sports Tuesday-12:00-13:00 Politics and academia Wednesday-15:00-16:00 Food/ recipe sharing Thursday- 16:00-17:00 Books, film and TV Friday- 18:00-19:00 General Chat Saturday-11:00-12:00- Community assistance. Sunday- 11:00-12:00- Bible verses/religion

RT @RojH123: Making 20mph the standard in residential areas. Unfortunately in Scotland when proposed by @markruskell in 2019 it failed. Because the main party (SNP, normally progressive), for reasons that I just cannot understand, voted against it. @JohnSwinney Wales have chosen to do it.…

RT @SarahNoone18: We've just been locked out of our own home with our baby in tow, because an Airbnb landlord changed the lock on our front door without telling anyone who lives in the tenement. It's getting beyond ludicrous.…

RT @ColetteWalker12: RT @ColetteWalker12: Will @Jackson_Carlaw put out same statement regarding Cummings ?…

RT @MollyQuell: The word in Dutch for hoarding is "hamsteren" (yes, like to hamster) and the sign language interpreter thus had to translate "Don't hamster" at yesterday's press conference.

RT @MichaelAdamson5: Some welcome news as part of our ongoing engagement with @ukhomeoffice@CPhilpOfficial has agreed that people won't be evicted from asylum accommodation for at least 3 months, protecting nearly 50,000 people. A vital step in ensuring people seeking asylum can feel safe #COVID19

Mark Ruskell MSP (Green) tweeted :

That’ll be the ‘herd immunity‘ kicking in..

RT @PippaCrerar: RT @PippaCrerar: BREAKING: Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus after experiencing mild symptoms.

RT @markruskell: There will be a lot of bikes getting dusted down in the days to come. Here’s how to check your cycle is safe for a socially distanced ride.

Mark Ruskell MSP (Green) tweeted :

Daily @WHO reports useful in getting a clear view of what’s happening globally with Covid-19. A number of European countries where no new cases or deaths.…