All deleted tweets from politicians

@CanadianGreens Parliamentary Leader, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, activist, author & mother. Past Green Party Leader ('06-'19). En français - @MayElizabeth

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RT @CCTrentelman: RT @CCTrentelman: Highlight of the day: @ElizabethMay following me back. Yay!

RT @christibelcourt: Confirmation of white supremacist groups infiltrating to incite violence now more law enforcement is being called in....history has proven more police does not equal more protection for black people. What is being done to ensure police don’t further target black folks here?

RT @albertarabbit: @AbhijeetMonet No one should have to face oppression, especially half of our dimorphic species. This new trend of labelling us as “menstrators” is UGLY, demeaning, oppressive and misogynist. This from Toronto’s mayor! #repugnant

RT @AnnamiePaul: JOIN ME SUNDAY, MAY 31st @4PM (ATLANTIC) / 4:30PM (NT) WITH SPECIAL GUEST ELIZABETH MAY FOR A CONVERSATION ABOUT: Guaranteed Livable Income for a Green Recovery REGISTER HERE:… #cdnpoli #UBI #GreenRecovery

RT @LindsayTedds: When I was talking to some municipal policy experts a few weeks ago, we talked about the upcoming flooding season and managing it through the pandemic. This is just gut wrenching

RT @MayorWindsor: @jht4x4 @penchamber @RockCoast1 @ChamberVictoria @geoff4council @ElizabethMay Another amazing Central Saanich business! We’re so proud to have @RockCoast1 and @TrichAnalytics doing business here #SaanPen #CSaan #smallbiz @jht4x4 @NiallPaltiel @gord_newton thx @penchamber for the 2019 Tour of Industry!

RT @MayorWindsor: Did you know in the event of a major rainfall, as a #CSaan resident, we have sandbag material available at Public Works for you? For more tips on staying safe and dry:

RT @TomMilroyJr: @althiaraj @ElizabethMay @CPC_HQ "Environmental laggards" doesn't even BEGIN to describe the @CPC_HQ 's NEGLIGENT attitude towards pollution and emissions management. Shameful, shame, shame, fucking shame!!!

RT @AlexManitoba: RT @AlexManitoba: Just stopped in @paulmanly's campaign office, sounds like things might end up good for the @NLGreenTeam next election.