All deleted tweets from politicians

Co-leader of @NZGreens, MP & Min. for Climate Change, Min. of Stats & Assoc Min. of Finance. Auth by James Shaw, Parl Buildings, Wellington.

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James Shaw (green-party) tweeted :

NZ businesses that want to do their bit for the #climatechange should first and foremost seek to bring down their emissions, then as a last resort they should offset remaining carbon. We’ve just released guidelines so you can do that properly.…

RT @james_goodhue: These numbers are staggering. A rental housing Warrant of Fitness is critical.

RT @natabboud1: "I'm into any project that talks to social justice" Hana Assafiri with @jamespeshaw at Morrocan Delicasy in Brunswi…

RT @NZGreens: Today the Govt has announced more grants to ensure low emissions vehicle infrastructure for a clean green Aotearoa. #nzpol #c…

James Shaw (green-party) retweeted @HDPA :

RT @HDPA: The @NZGreens are the future for New Zealand's left.

James Shaw (green-party) tweeted :

18 months after we changed the Government, we are actually starting to make a better world a reality: ✅Introduced the Zero Carbon Bill

James Shaw (green-party) tweeted :

Pleased to be able to mark @leaders_climate milestone 1st anniversary & the pledge of their 100+ members to reduce emissions in line with our #zerocarbonbill goal to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees C

James Shaw (green-party) tweeted :

Climate Leaders Coalition, happy first anniversary. Thank you for showing we can all be part of the solution & thank you for your birthday pledge to be part of action that limits global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius:…

RT @faisalhalabi: @jamespeshaw Leader of a NZ political party spending his evening at Family Bar's birthday bash & getting a snap wit…