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Caroline Lucas (Green) tweeted :

PPE shortages were widespread: goggles from Screwfix, gowns made from old duvet covers Staff surveys showed 34% reusing disposable PPE @matthancock should be addressing lack of preparedness not quibbling over definition of national shortage to cover his own back

RT @georgeeaton: Where the UK’s foreign aid cuts have fallen hardest. Includes dramatic aid cuts to Yemen (-56%), Syria (-49%) and the Global Polio Foundation (-95%).…

RT @matthaig1: Dear Media, Remember when you had the Notre Dame fire on every front page? It would be nice if you also placed the current unprecedented fires destroying the Amazon rainforest. As not only do people and animals live there, but we also need it to breathe. Yours, Earth dwellers

RT @matthaig1: My new kids’ novel Evie and the Animals is out in just over a week. I wanted to write a fun book for kids that was also about saving animals and the environment. I dedicated it to young climate activists and kicked off with my fave quote.

RT @matthaig1: Wonder if those Brexit-supporters who've gone on about democracy non-stop for 3 years will be outraged about all the people being turned away from polling stations simply for not filling in a form they never got. Doesn't get more undemocratic than that.…

RT @matthaig1: We need to reframe the way we talk about saving the planet. There is no ‘sacrifice’ in saving the planet. We are the planet. The sacrifice happens if we don’t.

RT @matthaig1: Things that are good for your planet are also good for your mental and physical health. Clean air, walking, working less, oceans, forests, plants, avoiding artificial chemicals. A kind, vibrant, verdant world is good for us. The ultimate act of self-care is to protect the planet.

RT @matthaig1: There's an argument it is politically pointless supporting the Green Party because of the electoral system. Nonsense. Look how much toxicity UKIP has put into the British political air - Brexit included - with that same system. A strong support for Green could cleanse that air.

RT @matthaig1: RT @matthaig1: If 48% of people wanted no Brexit, and 52% wanted a wide range of Brexit options, why is 'centrist' Theresa May going for ex…

RT @cfinnecy: RT @cfinnecy: How is getting on a plane from London to Scotland "following the quarantine rules"?…