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Sounds: #Marr Budget 2021 The Andrew #Marr Show, 28/02/2021:… via @bbciplayer

RT @jreynoldsMP: RT @jreynoldsMP: A complete takeover of the Treasury by Cummings. Unprecedented

RT @jreynoldsMP: I don’t think the Govt have communicated this clearly at all. The Govt 80% guarantee for these loans is only for the residual bad debt once other security has been realised. It’s the businesses themselves fronting the risk of this crisis, not the Govt

RT @jreynoldsMP: For #WorldAutismAwarenessDay today my daughter has interviewed her big brother. I would be so grateful if you could take just a few minutes of your day today to learn more about autism and how we can better support people and their families…

RT @jreynoldsMP: As the Opposition we want to work with the Govt to best support the British people during this crisis. In advance of our first discussion next week, I have written to @theresecoffey setting out our concerns as to those most adversely affected by the crisis so far.

RT @jreynoldsMP: This is a very good report from @The_TUC. People must have confidence that their workplace is safe if they are asked to return to work - a constructive partnership is the only way to do this

RT @jreynoldsMP: RT @jreynoldsMP: Exposed: UK families bereaved by Covid-19 lose eligibility for welfare benefits…

RT @jreynoldsMP: From today’s Urgent Question on the #KickstartScheme. The key tests are if the jobs created are high-quality, if smaller businesses can participate, and if the placements lead to long-term employment…

RT @jreynoldsMP: Pensions scams are a serious blight on the UK pensions system - @UKLabour believes the regulations must be tight and the penalties severe for those guilty of ripping people off

RT @jreynoldsMP: I talked to @rowlsmanthorpe tonight about the latest test and trace cock-up, where an instruction to self-isolate from the app doesn’t make you eligible for the £500 self-isolation payment, even if you qualify for it