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Conservative Member of European Parliament for East of England. Updates from Vicky herself & her office

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vickyford MEP (EU) retweeted @Puffles2010 :

RT @Puffles2010: RT @Puffles2010: "For our scientists to solve [global] problems we need to have easy access to our scientific partners" #CamEURef @vickyford

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RT @jimwaterson: RT @jimwaterson: Copeland result: Tory – 13,748 Labour – 11,601 Lib Dem – 2,252 UKIP – 2,025 Green – 550 TORY GAIN FROM LABOUR

Vicky Ford (EU) retweeted @jimwaterson :

RT @jimwaterson: RT @jimwaterson: "Theresa May unexpectedly won back the youth vote on Wednesday afternoon, after uniting the nation in the belief Lee Nelso…

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RT @Samanthahoy: RT @Samanthahoy: Clinical Commisioning Group: Save Wisbech Minor Injuries Unit - Sign the Petition!… via @UKChange

Vicky Ford MP (EU) tweeted :

Talking about mental health and wellbeing is so important. This is a really helpful list of resources 👇#ChildrensMentalHealthWeek

RT @DonnaGavinUK: Siobhan is my MP. I’m proud of her for setting the example to all women. What’s the word for men who email a woman who has just given birth telling her to get back to work? Junk mail #standingwithsiobhan@Siobhan_Baillie⁩@5050Parliament⁩…

RT @davidschneider: On #HolocaustMemorialDay it’s worth sharing this video again about the man who rescued countless refugee children, especially as our government has just shut the door on legal routes for refugee children. #LightTheDarkness

Vicky Ford MP (EU) tweeted :

Very good to meet you too! Adoptions

RT @EssexPoliceUK: Chief Constable BJ Harrington is out on patrol this evening, like every New Year's Eve, to protect and serve those across the county. He has one ask: stay home, stay safe and help our NHS. Happy New Year everyone. #StaySafeEssex

Vicky Ford MP (EU) tweeted :

🎶 “Merry Christmas” from St Matthew’s Nursery children🎶 Here are answers to their questions! 🎅YES Santa/Father Christmas IS coming 🦌Reindeer ARE getting ready at the North Pole 🥕Reindeer like carrots 🎁 Elves put presents in sacks so they don’t fall out of the sledge🛷