All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @FionnualaGreene: An Irish childhood: Who left the immersion on? Are you going out like that? Somebody put the kettle on. Do you think we're made of money? What'll the neighbours say. You're going to Mass. Come in for your dinner. Have you your homework done? Jesus,Mary &Joseph give me strength.

RT @FionnualaGreene: Like the Pope's speech yesterday Varadkar's also didn't go far enough. Many lauding Leo for his delivery of scripted words.... And we watch the circus roll on cos really, say it often enough and you might start to believe both really care. 😢😢😢 Leaders are meant to lead.

RT @FionnualaGreene: Isn't it very telling that Maurice Mc Cabe initially didn't go to any of the long established political parties to tell his story? Perhaps we could do a lot worse than follow his example come a general election.

RT @FionnualaGreene: RT @FionnualaGreene: @lukeming @DeclanBurke2 Bang on Luke one of my first thoughts at what price?

RT @FionnualaGreene: RT @FionnualaGreene: @newsworthy_ie @lukeming Succinct and just priceless. :-)

RT @FionnualaGreene: RT @FionnualaGreene: What lessons have been learned when a mother has to leave her young family& walk to Dublin looking for the care her ch…

RT @FionnualaGreene: RT @FionnualaGreene: The arrogance Simon Harris says he's willing to meet #VeraTwomey, actually Simon, Vera is willing to meet you. Do the…

RT @FionnualaGreene: RT @FionnualaGreene: #Sept17 Just a brilliant day. Whoop, whoop, whoop. We ain't going away.

RT @theannobrien: @lukeming @WhistleIRL I watched the entire video, ?s have to be asked but I agree with @lukeming there are ways of asking!