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RT @BrugesGroup: Let’s get one thing straight. Boris and his government have a huge mandate for their programme. This mandate was NOT won by anonymous, sniping Conservative Backbenchers. It was won by Boris and his team in No.10.

RT @robo1955: @montie @BBCMarkMardell Time for it to be closed down and its considerable tax payer funded assets sold off to the highest bidder with the proceeds returned to the treasury. It is now beyond redemption in my humble opinion.

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: We are leaving a failed economic project.…

RT @rodbishop15: They’ve now wheel barrowed the dirt through the city and dumped it in the foyer of both Barclays and Hsbc. No arrests. When is this going to stop!!!!!!

RT @rodbishop15: Extinction Rebellion destroy prized Trinity College lawn in mass protest… This makes me angry as a Cambridge man. And as a taxpayer I’m doubly angry as the police stood and watched. Pure mindless vandalism. Lock them up.

RT @DawnWestcott: Marine life in British waters surely has a right, along with all other British animals, to protection from anything causing unnecessary suffering, ie, anything over and above 'ordinary' fishing? @ConservativeAWF @BorisJohnson…

RT @ChristianJMay: Corbyn tells the CBI that the UK has the lowest recycling rates in Europe. These are the recycling rates according to the European Environment Agency:

Dr Julia Reid PhD (EU) tweeted :

BBCRadio4 5/02/20 Drama "The Disappearance of Mr Chan". One character says, "'s about the whole of Hong Kong. Its future as a city with freedoms & legal rights. If we don't stand by Hong Kong now it's going to become like post #BREXIT Britain cowtowing to China all the time"

RT @HowlandRobin: Gov't have been hoodwinked into an obsession with staying in the SM & CU. This is far more in the EU's interest and certainly not worth postponing the benefits of Brexit. We have a bunch of nodding dogs at the negotiating table.

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: As the member for the 18th century I thought it was going to be the Antiques Roadshow.…