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RT @JackBMontgomery: So Shamima Begum is “nothing to do with” Bangladesh, despite being of Bangladeshi heritage and born to a Bangladeshi mother, because she was born on British soil. Yet her son, born in Syria, is as British as bangers and mash, because his mother was...? 🤔…

RT @Haleric2: RT @Haleric2: People need to decide pretty damn quickly as to who they want running the Country...the Government.?..or MSM..?.

RT @MailOnline: RT @MailOnline: Explosives expert claims Beirut explosion was caused by burning military missiles - not ammonium nitrate…

RT @LozzaFox: Dear the mob You see those two things vanishing off into the distance at great speed? They’re called solidarity and good will.

RT @LozzaFox: In gratitude and remembrance of those brave men who fought and gave their lives to defeat actual fascism on the beaches of Normandy 76 years ago, so that we may live to be free today. #DDay76

RT @Brexiteer30: Who would you vote for if there was a General Election later in the year with another May continuity compromise PM. **Please retweet after voting ** #Conservative #Labour #LibDem #TheBrexitParty #Brexit #BrexitBetrayal #ConservativeLeadership

RT @Brexiteer30: RT @Brexiteer30: What would be your ideal #Brexit scenario? **Pease retweet after voting** #Conservative #Labour #UKIP #LibDem #SDP #With…

RT @jonniejon123: RT @jonniejon123: @afneil However they spin it they still couldn't beat the original 17.4 million!

RT @jonniejon123: @Lugey6 @LanceForman @zatzi @john4brexit @Conservatives Very disappointed with this, “Change Politics For Good” it’s turning out that you are all the same!

RT @jonniejon123: @brexitparty_uk 2. created for anyone who was Pro Brexit. He also voiced concerns on how the education system was indoctrinating young minds politically & did not encourage children to develop their own opinions, this needs to be addressed. Sad times!