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RT @MACConsulting1: @jongaunt brilliant interview with @Steven_Woolfe on @sputnik comments re COBRA are spot on - designed incompetence? Pertinent and accurate forecast re economy over the next 5-10yrs, have been saying exactly the same thing to colleagues - plan accordingly.

RT @2010LeeHurst: RT @2010LeeHurst: Labour's Emily Thornberry-We can't export meat to Australia post Brexit as it'll go off. Probably thinks it's being deliv…

RT @2010LeeHurst: BREAKING NEWS: The UK Labour Party and lefty luvvies put out a joint statement today announcing that they were shocked to discover that there are working class British people. "We just assumed all working class people were foreign as all our own friends are just middle class."

RT @2010LeeHurst: RT @2010LeeHurst: The way it works... Tories: Vote for us or you get Corbyn. Labour: Vote for us or you get May. Us: Duhhh OK. Hey, why doe…

RT @2010LeeHurst: It's totally bleeding obvious HMG's position is to make us 'leaving' SO bad that they can say see we should've stayed in and back we trot like good little told off sheep.…

RT @EdwardSumner96: RT @EdwardSumner96: Throwback to DC with @Steven_Woolfe in BBC studios

RT @darrengrimes_: The dossier supplied by @patel4witham proved that the Electoral Commission apply one set of rules for we Leavers, and another for Remainers. This @GuidoFawkes report by @tomhfh set out clearly that there is compelling evidence for a thorough

RT @darrengrimes_: This is pretty silly. @Steven_Woolfe is a good man, more in tune with most Conservative Party voters than a great deal of the Conservative Parliamentary Party. 🤦🏻‍♂️…

RT @MilesHolderUK: RT @MilesHolderUK: @Steven_Woolfe Thank you for coming to Southampton University for a debate on Brexit. It was great to talk to you after.

Steven Woolfe (EU) tweeted :

Great news and thank you @USAmbUK. Brexit created the opportunity let's ensure it isn't wastef