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Steven Woolfe (EU) replied to @send2gl :

@send2gl it's we will never leave as we are stuck in a customs unio

Steven Woolfe (EU) tweeted :

definitely he would, but heh watch @Conservatives do as they are told, agree a Commissioner who will want a lordship after the arduous job

Steven Woolfe (EU) tweeted :

why are we not surprised . once a remained always remainers

Steven Woolfe (EU) tweeted :

no-one I knows her, the show or anything she has ever said. Everyone I know knows Vine. The fact you think there jobs, show, fame, worth are the same shows you lack credibility, business acumen or logic. Which presumably is why you are a paid public sector virtue signaller

Steven Woolfe (EU) tweeted :

So 10 CINOs (Conservatives in Name Only) and anti democratic Remainers hVEBEEN slowed back into the Party to receive no doubt awards, elevations or the usual for backing the Theresa May W4 deal sorry Boris deal. what say you @bowgroup

Steven Woolfe (EU) tweeted :

it was a good one. particularly the questions on Bercow the Berk

RT @JoynesMatthew: @Steven_Woolfe It’s so stupid - beyond laughable,

Steven Woolfe (EU) replied to @oggmus :

@oggmus duck you snobbish remainer. pretty sure most remoaners are the snivilling, weasels who Brown nose, stab friends in the back to climb the social ladder and are happy to take a coin whilst others are enslaved. sound familiar to you when you look in the mirror