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Leader of FG in EP | MEP for Ireland South | @EPP | former President of @OfficialGAA | MEP of the Year for Research & Innovation 2012 & Digital Agenda 2014

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RT @FarmSafety4Kid: @SeanKellyMEP help promote farm safety4kids on #FarmSafetyWeek keep children safe day visit htt…

Seán Kelly MEP (EU) tweeted :

B for Back, B for Brussels, B for Boris, B for #Brexit , B for #Brinkmanship & B for #Britain . I’m back in #Bruxelles , discussing @BorisJohnson , #Britain , #BrexitShambles & all that Bull - #Bollix ! (excusez moi!) & B for BAD !!

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RT @WWinters_: @gerryoconnell @campaignforleo Plaudits rightly go to our Taoiseach today. But let's not forget the contribution o…

Seán Kelly MEP (EU) retweeted @WWinters_ :

RT @WWinters_: @WilliamQuill @FineGael I think FGs record is good but poorly articulated. Especially in agriculture. @SeanKellyMEP is one…

RT @AN1MALBIBLE: Treat thief 🐶

RT @PoliticoRyan: Listen up, London: #Brexit is going to hurt, @BarnierEU tells civil society representatives in #Brussels…

Seán Kelly MEP (EU) tweeted :

Honoured to be in #Dunmanway for the beginning of fantastic initiative - #SamMaguire Trail & Passport Fun Challenge.This is novel, this is good & homegrown! Every @officialgaa fan should do it. @sammaguiresGAA @dohenygaa @CliffJefers @ExaminerSport @Corks96FM @OfficialCorkGAA

Seán Kelly MEP (EU) tweeted :

Result on screen .