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UKIP Candidate for South Thanet, Leader of @UKIP, Member of the European Parliament for the South East of England. Tweets by Nigel and team

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Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @LBC :

RT @LBC: The Nigel Farage Show is live - watch it here. He asks: we're not leaving this week, should Boris apologise?…

Nigel Farage (EU) tweeted :

If the PM wants to fight a general election on defending a new EU treaty, that is very dissapointing for all Leavers. His new agreement is just not Brexit.

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: The Prime Minister promised we would escape from the jurisdiction of the European Court, does that promise still hold?…

Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @ianpaisleymp :

RT @ianpaisleymp: No turning back on Brexit

Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @ianpaisleymp :

RT @ianpaisleymp: The routine arming of all police officers must be next.…

Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @ianpaisleymp :

RT @ianpaisleymp: Looking forward to welcoming my great friend @Nigel_Farage to my North Antrim constituency tonight to talk about Brexit a…

Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @Nigel_Farage :

RT @Nigel_Farage: No British Government could ever accept Germany telling us that part of the UK has to stay in the EU. The choice now is…

Nigel Farage (EU) tweeted :

Arlene is right.

Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @TomRtweets :

RT @TomRtweets: Good to meet @Nigel_Farage @VicenteFoxQue last night at @UCCS! A great debate.

RT @brexitparty_uk: ‘Why hasn’t Brexit happened?’ The Brexit Party’s new Party Political Broadcast will air tonight! We paint the picture…