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Former MEP 2014/2019. Brexiteer,free speech,free markets & democracy.

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RT @MarcherLord1: RT @MarcherLord1: Who knew that a massive ramp up of #coronavirus testing would lead to a rise in the number of detected infections? What…

RT @Blond3bra1ny: Can’t wait to see @georgegalloway v Sturgeon. The blink rate will be so fast she’ll take off. A real challenge at last. @Alliance4Unity

RT @TheTruthbStrong: RT @TheTruthbStrong: Good and only herself to blame…

RT @TheTruthbStrong: I’ve followed politics for 4 years. In that time I watched and listened to the Tory’s lies, Labours lies & racism & the Libdems dilutions. The only party which is obviously going to be vilified for telling the truth is @UKIP & @GerardBattenMEP Everything they’ve said is true.

Margot Parker (EU) retweeted @LozzaFox :

RT @LozzaFox: This is courage. For me, an inspiring example of our constantly and consciously evolving nation. The girl teased as a “Paki” in the playground is now our Home Secretary. Thank you @pritipatel

RT @RuleBritannia22: RT @RuleBritannia22: Are you happy with the job @SadiqKhan has done as mayor of London so far?

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RT @reporterboy: @christopherhope @Telegraph Christopher....tell me we are not paying still for an office for Nick Clegg ?! Nothing personal about him or his politics but I think Facebook give him an know.....and a whopping salary

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RT @reporterboy: RT @reporterboy: He's back and with his own superhero logo too…

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RT @reporterboy: So it begins. The week of outrage, tribalism, strong protest, stupid protest, people losing it on Twitter, politicians being pantomime villains, street level argument and, dear Lord pls, some humour is upon us. Strap in folks this is going to be a very bumpy ride