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James Carver (EU) tweeted :

#WilderFury As excuses for losing go, this is a pretty poor one from Wilder’s camp. I doubt that even .@LordBuckethead would use this one, despite his constant defeats at election time.

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Really saddened to read this facebook post from an Orthodox Jewish friend, the contents of which are self explanatory. They speak volumes about #Antisemitism in the UK - Enough is enough.

James Carver (EU) replied to @NegDupree :

@NegDupree Fish

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Every best wish to @Tyson_Fury for the big fight - The man who made the biggest comeback since Lazarus. Bring it home Champ!

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Stop Building on flood plains. #flooding

James Carver (EU) retweeted @PJohnsonBet :

RT @PJohnsonBet: People of Doncaster are so lucky, as today it becomes the centre of the entire sporting world. This afternoon it’s @DoncasterRaces followed by an evening at @donnydogs. What a time to be alive! #doncasterisgreat

RT @JesusChrysler15: RT @JesusChrysler15: The most rock and roll thing you will ever see ◽

James Carver (EU) replied to @JamesCrisp6 :

@JamesCrisp6 The European Parliament has to be the biggest Grandstand since the days of Des Lynham - And I say that as a former member.

James Carver (EU) retweeted @jordauburn :

RT @jordauburn: RT @jordauburn: That’s the state of social media right there #CarolineFlack

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Why is this so funny? Because I did exactly the same thing this morning, losing a boot in the process - The joy of laughing at yourself.