All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Cons MEP for East of England. Inventor ‘SuperCanada’ U.K./EU Free Trade Agreement Ex Co-chair Conservatives for Britain. Pro Brexit. RTs NOT endorsements

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RT @Akabilky: RT @Akabilky: @James_MacQ @DCBMEP @BBCr4today I'm Welsh I'm British I'm European UK membership of EU irrelevant. #Brexit #euref #UKinEU

RT @Akabilky: RT @Akabilky: @EFTA4UK @DCBMEP @sarahwollaston EFTA becomes the worlds 4th largest trade bloc if UK joins.

RT @Akabilky: RT @Akabilky: @RichardJCherry @DCBMEP I thoroughly recommend Booker/North's The Great Deception. Available online, free PDF:…

RT @Akabilky: RT @Akabilky: @RichardJCherry @DCBMEP Did they tell the truth about the renegotiation that time round? I read it wasn't worth much.

David C Bannerman (EU) retweeted @GoodSgt :

RT @GoodSgt: @TheHirstComment WTO BREXIT is not "no deal" nor "crashing out" -as Remain would have us believe -it is an orderly departure under well established international trade rules that are universally accepted GO WTO!

David C Bannerman (EU) retweeted @GoodSgt :

RT @GoodSgt: @JasSpin1 @DCBMEP @BrexitLondon A low estimate I would suggest watching British democracy being trashed by rueful remainers has made many cross the floor to leave

RT @BlueEyedSoulMan: RT @BlueEyedSoulMan: @evansma Police investigation concluded there was a minor breach that did not warrant any further action

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: A brilliant piece by my sister on why there is such enthusiasm for Brexit.…

RT @Chris_2000: RT @Chris_2000: @SallyPresto @bbclaurak and the bus is a big red one.

RT @DouglasCarswell: Extraordinary that elected ministers are having to negotiate with unelected senior civil servants intent on undermining them. Time to take back control…