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Conservative MEP, ECR For. Aff. Coordinator, rtd NHS Dr&psychiatrist. Leading for Londoners' voices in EP. Retweet doesnt imply automatic endorsement. Remainer!

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RT @SuzanneMSpencer: #EuropeDay The EU brings prosperity and peace. Last night I watched Testament of Youth re WWI lost generation. We said…

RT @VeroVero777: @CharlesTannock Thank you, Charles. It is appreciated by millions of us. believe me.

@RichardBews My point exactly! Id love to put my car on le shuttle and travel with it all it to Paris 😂

Dr Charles Tannock (EU) tweeted :

An hour long queue for a sky pass. Really must organize myself better online next time..

@jonsnowC4 Executed for obeying ordered?

Charles Tannock (EU) retweeted @WCullmac :

RT @WCullmac: The word #REMAIN is now being openly used on the floor of the HofC. Remainers have been derided, attacked and called unpatrio…

Dr Charles Tannock (EU) replied to @eoinyk :

@eoinyk More time the point why would they. All the EU rules I've ever come across are reasonable, were agreed by HMG & most UK MEPs & there to safeguard our lives in a civilised society across our continent. Brexiteers always pushed to name EU rules that offend them or need abolishing!

RT @guyverhofstadt: The EU member states should grant UK citizens living in Europe the full rights as they have today. Automatically. No ‘i…

RT @TheHiggsty: @CharlesTannock from across the political divide but a londoner too, I thank you for your commitment to a great cause.

@PaulConnew @HuwSayer Pity you can't conjugate 'to have' correctly, unlike my EU wife who can, but for the record I was born in England to a serving British army officer born in England & son of a WWII British army officer. Guess that passes your test for British? Why the question have you applied?